Internet banking management with e-Wallets

Money management is essential when playing casino games, especially online when it is so easy to top up your account. With e-Wallets you can keep an eye on your transactions in a separate tab all the while keeping all your details and money in the one place.

e-Wallets are commonly accepted payment methods at Internet casinos due to their flexibility and ability to be processed easily. They are a good option for players which have credit or debit cards that aren’t accepted at the online casino they are playing at, or for those who don’t feel comfortable entering their card details into Internet gaming establishments.

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What are e-Wallets?

Also referred to as web wallets, virtual wallets and electronic wallets. e-Wallets are online accounts where you can store your money, as well as send and receive funds. So when you are using an e-wallet to make a deposit at an online casino you are sending money to the casino account via a secure network.

Players can use e-Wallets to make deposits and withdrawals quickly and easily and can conveniently log into their account whenever they are playing to check just how much they have left, how much they can spend, re-fund their virtual wallet account and so on.

Who can use an e-Wallet?

Anyone can use a web wallet to make deposits at an online casino. All you need is a means to fund them. Certain e-Wallets only have a small number of options to fund the account with, while others offer an array of methods to pick from including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, pre-paid services, and more.

Virtual wallets are ideal for those who are hesitant about entering their details at an online casino, as they provide an extra layer of security which we will go into below, meaning if you play at a reputable online casino you will be protected by both the encryption technology as as the layer e-Wallets provide.

For those who can’t find the method they are after at the Internet casino they are playing at, or for those who are declined when using certain methods (some financial institutions don’t allow gambling transactions even though the card company does e.g Bank of Queensland and Visa), web wallets are also a good choice since you can generally find one which does accept the funding method, which you can then use to fund your online casino account

Some operate via an email address, for the username, and password, while others have Account IDs. If you’re using a personal computer then it won’t matter which type you use since your computer can store the Account ID for you so you don’t have to remember a bunch of random letters and numbers. If you’re using a shared computer it might be a better idea to use an e-Wallet that uses an email address as the username so you can easily remember it without having to write it down or store it anywhere.

Manage your bankroll using e-Wallets

Web wallets are ideal for money management because if you link a credit or debit card you can easily top up without thinking, where as if you use an e-Wallet you can put a set amount in the account before you get started. This will be your bankroll. Once you have used it all up, you will have to log into the e-Wallet account and manually top up before you can top your casino account up again, giving you time to re-evaluate your financial situation.

Types of e-Wallets

There are quite a few e-Wallets around for players to choose from. Many store, send and receive money in the same way, but they can operate differently and which one you choose will ultimately depend on your personal preferences. Here are some popular e-Wallets which are commonly accepted at Internet gaming establishments, including the many we suggest playing at.

Neteller: Considered the number one e-Wallet for online gambling transactions, this web wallet offers an extensive number of funding methods, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, Ukash a pre-paid service, and more, to fund the account with. This means if you planned to use a certain method, such as a pre-paid service like Ukash, at an online casino but it turns out they do not offer it you can easily just sign up with the web wallet service and fund it using Ukash for example, and in turn make a deposit at the Internet casino via Neteller. This web wallet uses a self-created password and an Account ID which you can store on your computer or write down to remember.

Skrill: Another highly recognised e-Wallet when it comes to gambling transactions. While it doesn’t have nearly as many deposit methods offered to fund the account, it does have a mobile app which is convenient for players who enjoy playing via their smartphone or tablet. Just download it from your app store and use your pre-existing login details, or sign up here. Skrill uses an email address along with a password you create yourself.

ecoPayz: Not quite as popular as the two mentioned above, but ecoPayz is still accepted widely at leading casino sites nevertheless. Registration is free and will only take a couple of minutes, so you can start playing for real money without delay.

Regardless which web wallet you use, ensure you do your research and it suits your needs. Then head on over to make a deposit via the e-Wallet at your preferred online casino.

How to get an e-Wallet

Getting an e-Wallet is simple. Once you have found one that is right for you, in terms of whether or not you want to use an e-Wallet; the number of funding methods they offer; or even fees involved with the funding methods, simply fill out the form to join.

Always use an active email address when signing up or you won’t be able to easily access your account, especially for those that require verification via an email link.

Once signed up you can link an account or payment method to fund your e-Wallet and depending on which funding method you used your funds will be processed accordingly and you will be ready to deposit at your preferred online casino.

How to make a deposit with an e-Wallet

Making a deposit using your digital wallet is quite easy, but here is a basic step-by-step guide for you to follow.

  • Step one: Once you have funded your virtual wallet, go to the banking page of the online casino and click on deposits.
  • Step two: Locate the web wallet which you plan to use and click on deposit.
  • Step three: Enter both the Account ID or email address of your web wallet, and your Secure ID or password, and then the amount that you wish to deposit. Some web wallets have a minimum of $20 for this type of deposit with some casinos even having a bonus for depositing with web wallets.
  • Step four: Click confirm, and provided you have enough money in your e-Wallet, your funds will be processed quickly so you can get playing.

Are e-Wallets safe for online casino players?

Yes, e-Wallets are probably one of the safest payment methods to use when funding an Internet casino account, provided players are using a reputable e-Wallet service, and they are playing at a reputable online casino.

The key to staying safe when gambling online is to doing your research, make sure casinos are accredited in good jurisdictions, make sure your Internet connection is safe and secure and most importantly use web web wallets that have a good reputation.

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