Ukash online casino deposits

Making a deposit using a prepaid service means we can play anonymously and since Paysafecard (formerly known as Ukash) is one of the best prepaid services to use at web casinos we recommend it as an alternative to credit and debit cards. It is a great substitute to entering personal financial details at an online casino and it is incredibly simple to use. We cover all the basics including both the background of Ukash/Paysafecard and how to use the voucher, so you can play privately.

Available to residents of United States

Who created Ukash?

In 2015, Ukash officially changed its name to Paysafecard. The information in this article is relevant to both services, but to read more about the updated Paysafecard brand, read our Paysafecard deposits article.
Ukash is the leading prepaid service for online gaming establishments. It was founded by William Scott Thompson in 2005 and is now a UK based organisation which has become globally recognised.

Additionally, it is governed by a third party organisation with the electronic payment regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. While this may seem irrelevant since it is a prepaid service, it is actually incredibly important so that customers don’t succumb to scams.

What is Ukash?

If you ever used prepaid credit for your mobile then you have used a prepaid service before. Ukash (rebranded as Paysafecard as of 2015) is just like prepaid mobile credit in that you pay for a voucher, enter a code, and your account is funded.

Ukash exists in the form of a 19 digit voucher you can buy online or at retail outlets. While some may see buying the voucher online to void the point of making a deposit at an Internet casino via a prepaid service, many only want to use a particular method which may not be supported by the web casino and thus prefer to opt for a prepaid service. For example, if you only want to use Paypal online, but find the online casino doesn’t offer this as a payment option you can buy your Ukash voucher via Paypal online.

However the best feature Ukash offers is that you can buy it at land-based outlets so you do not have to input any financial information online at all. While nearly everything is available online, some players still haven’t come around to entering their card details to a web casino, regardless if it is safe and secure.

This is why Ukash is a leading payment method, as it allows you to locate the outlet which sells Ukash and you can exchange real money physically for the voucher code, which you then use to fund your online casino account.

How to use Ukash at an online casino

We have compiled a simple step by step guide for players who want to deposit to their web casino account using Ukash.

    • Step 1:

Sign into your preferred online casino. We will include a list of supported Ukash casinos which are secure and trustworthy at the end this article.

    • Step 2:

Go to the banking page and click on ‘deposits’.

    • Step 3:

Click on Ukash as your preferred deposit method and then enter the 19 digit code on your voucher and the amount you wish to deposit to the online casino.

    • Step 4:

Press confirm and your funds will be processed quickly, provided you have enough loaded onto your voucher.

Where do I buy Ukash from?

Ukash vouchers can be purchased from petrol stations, ATMs, kiosks and more. To find a Ukash outlet near you, either go to one of our recommended online casinos, sign in, access the deposit page and click on the link that says ‘Go to Website’. Here you will be taken directly to the Ukash website where you can click on the ‘Get Ukash’ option which will then prompt you to enter a postcode or suburb so you can find your nearest Ukash outlet.

While there may be a message stating ‘Currently Ukash isn’t available in your location,’ type in your details anyway as it should return results.

For online outlets, you can do a simple Google search to locate an Internet Ukash outlet, however it is important to note that you should only buy these from sites which are encrypted, which you can do so by locating a padlock in the URL toolbar of your browser.

Fees may be incurred when purchasing Ukash vouchers and will depend on the amount you wish to load onto the voucher.

How long do I have to use my voucher at an online casino?

Players can make a deposit using their Ukash voucher for 12 months from the date they purchased it. After this, you can no longer use it at an online casino.

How much can I load onto my Ukash voucher?

The most you can load onto a single voucher is $AU250, but you can get up to five vouchers worth $AU250 each in a single transaction. Unfortunately, Ukash prohibits users from holding Ukash vouchers worth more than $AU1000 for security purposes.

You could buy more from another outlet, but we recommend sticking to the guidelines since it is a prepaid service and you could lose your voucher or someone could steal it.

What happens if I lose my Ukash code?

Unfortunately, since Ukash is a prepaid service that works like physical cash, but can be used electronically, it cannot be replaced if it is lost. It is important you take care of your voucher code/s as there is no insurance if you do misplace it or if someone steals it. So we recommend to keep it in a safe place and never reveal the voucher code to anyone.

What is a Ukash MasterCard?

The prepaid MasterCard offered by Ukash is a reloadable prepaid card that is accepted at ATMS which accept MasterCard. While the Ukash voucher is also prepaid, it doesn’t allow you to reload funds to it, nor does it allow you to withdraw to the voucher. It also allows you to fund the card as many times as you want and you can do so with a Ukash voucher, debit card, or bank transfer.

Unfortunately the Ukash Prepaid MasterCard is for UK residents only, but eventually it may be possible for Aussies to get access and utilise this service.

We think this is a great alternative to using a credit or debit cards at online casinos as it doesn’t have access to your entire personal bank account and you can only fund your casino account with as much as you have on the prepaid card. There are also no fees that some financial institutions incur with their issued MasterCards or Visas.

However, since Aussies don’t have access to this service we will have to stick to using Ukash vouchers until it potentially becomes an option.

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