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It can take a while to locate a good pokies machine at an over-populated land based casino or pokies lounge, so going online can make finding one that suits our own personal preferences a lot easier. Pokies are just as popular and in abundance online as they are at brick and mortar casinos, so it can be hard to find what we are looking for or even know where to start, however they all offer a unique and enjoyable experience. They don’t just come in the format of fruit machines these days either, with a variety of top leading software developers creating innovative features that have taken the world of average reels to exciting titles.

We have listed the different types you can come across online so you can figure out which suits your personal preferences best, as well as how to have the best experience when playing online.

United States Best online casinos to play real money pokies

Best online casinos to play real money pokies

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Types of online slots

There is a large array of pokies available which have changed the realm of slots at both land-based and online casinos and offer different features. If you are just starting out playing pokies give our slots beginners guide a read.

Fruit Machines – The classic fruit machines are available online for those who have a soft spot for the watermelon symbols. They are easy to play and offer an autoplay option to speed the pace up too.

3-reel slots – 3-reel pokies resemble the classic slot machine, however they integrate this format with innovative software that offers advanced graphics that feature an array of standard themes. These are the simplest in terms of winning and are also great for new players as they involve less paylines, so they’re easier to learn.

5-reel pokies – 5-reel pokies can also be titled video pokies and appear to be a bit more advanced than 3-reel slots. They generally feature all the wild and scatter symbols, along with free spins and more bonuses. They also have the additional feature of trailers associated with their theme which can make the game even more entertaining. They feature a payline format of at least five, but can have more.

Multiple payilnes – As we mentioned with the 3-reel and 5-reel pokies, the number of paylines can differ. Generally, they vary from around one to 25, however there can be more depending on the game. You can actually get up to 100 pay lines in a machine. However, the less paylines, the better the odds in terms of payouts -but the more activated, the better the odds are in terms of winning. So if you prefer bigger payouts, play with less paylines, while if you prefer more chances of winning play titles with numerous paylines.

More ways to win pokies – Ways to win slots offer literally more ways to win as they remove the limits which pay lines impose as players win with symbols going from left to right, without regarding the position in which the are situated on the reels. The most common are the 243 ways to win pokies which allow 243 winning combinations, however there are also 1024 ways to win, as well as 3125 ways to win pokies.

Multipliers – Multipliers mean you multiple your winnings but they rely on how much you are betting with. For example, if you are to be paid 100 coins for getting a certain number of symbols on the reels but get a 2x multiplier you will be paid 200 coins for the same number of symbols. Multipliers can be as high as 10x in a game and are quite a popular feature.

Progressive pokies – Progressives are very popular due to their jackpot offerings, as every player who plays with real money on the progressive contributes to a jackpot which sees the amount, which can go off at anytime for any play, sky rocket quickly. These types of pokies have seen players become instant millionaires in the past. They can either be linked all over the world so the jackpot is larger, or they can just be linked to the one online casino meaning only players who are playing that title at that specific online casino are contributing to the jackpot, but regardless these return the highest payouts of all pokies. Some even offer a number of jackpots in one, such as Mega Moolah which offers a mini, minor, major and mega jackpot that relies on how many coins you wager to be eligible for each jackpot level.

Megaspin slots – These type of pokies are a good choice for players who want to up their chances of winning as they increase the amount players can win. They work by allowing players to have more than one game happening at once seeing more reels going at once.

These are the most common types of pokies, but as land-based revellers would know there are variations upon variations of pokies machines to experience and potentially win so try a few in different categories at your preferred online casino.

Where to play online pokies

Finding a reputable online casino can be like finding your favourite slot machine amongst the abundance lining the floors of Vegas casinos. We have made it a lot easier for online players and put in the hard yards to find Internet gaming establishments which not only offer an array of Internet pokies but also provide reliable payment methods, stellar customer service, helpful instructions and good payout rates.

This means we have found some of the most trustworthy online casinos available so we can play pokies on the Internet without worrying our money is being deposited to a rogue online casino. These reputable online casinos include:

Where can I play 3D pokies?

3D slots are titles which offer graphics in a three dimensional view, to give players an immersive experience. They shouldn’t be confused with video slots, with the difference between the two is that the graphics are around and in front of the reels and offer a sense of depth for 3D pokies, while video slots have somewhat flat animations.

Additionally, 3D pokies tend to have an opening video which accompanies the theme and generally has a story to the entire game. They include features, free games, extra spins, and ultimately offer an enjoyable experience due to their graphics, audio and game features.

Players can find 3D games at the aforementioned Internet casinos but we have picked out some of the best as sometimes they can be hard to locate amongst all of the titles available.

Microgaming’s Sterling Silver 3D slot – This 3D slot by Microgaming actually requires players to wear 3D glasses, such as the ones you get from the movies, or with your 3D smart TV. It is a 5-reel pokies machine which offers 25 paylines with up to five coins eligible to wager per payline. The logo is the wild, while random multipliers are awarded of up to 10x. It also has free spins which players receive if they land three scatter symbols on the middle three reels. There is also a gamble option of guessing red or black to double winnings or identifying the suit of the card to quadruple winnings. The 3D mode can also be turned off if players find themselves getting side effects, and played in 2D mode instead. Note: Unfortunately as of 2017, Microgaming titles have been blocked from Australia, so you will no longer find Sterling Silver at our recommended AU-casinos.

Steam Tower by Net Entertainment – This high quality 3D slot title does not require players to wear special glasses to experience the graphics. Following a Steampunk theme which has been created thanks to appeal from movies like of Van Helsing, this 5-reel slot offers a 15 payline format. Basically, the story follows a princess which needs rescuing from a dragon. The more the players wager the closer we get to her and in turn unlock a reward such as free spins. Overall, the 3D graphics are a big drawcard to playing this title. Easily locate this game by typing it in the search bar of one of our Net Entertainment recommended online casinos.

Betsoft Gaming’s Safari Sam – If you can’t afford a trip to Africa then try out this pokies machine for both an African experience and the chance to win enough money to book your flight there. Featuring wilds, multipliers, and free spins this title offers all great features of a good slots machine with the added bonus of intriguing 3D graphics. With a 30 payline format, there’s the chance to win up to 12,500 coins when the Great White Hunter symbol appears five times on the reels. There is also a chance to collect multiplier symbols of up to 10x and when the zebra, gorilla and monkey symbols all appear along one reel, players trigger the free spins. There’s even a collapsing wins aspect to this 3D slot with three symbols landing in the same column to create the same symbol so that two new symbols are dropped to give the player another chance at winning. The graphics are entertaining and players can find this game at Guts Casino and more of our recommended online casinos which offer Betsoft Gaming.

Free spins bonuses at online casinos

Our favourite Internet casinos all offer great sign up bonuses which new players can access when they create an account, however some also offer players the ability to access free spins just by registering and not even making a deposit. These are subject to change but generally players will be able to easily find free spins to use for online pokies at many of our recommended online casinos.

Bankrolling when playing pokies

Setting a bankroll is crucial for playing the pokies, regardless if it is online or at a land-based venue. This will not only ensure that you won’t overspend, creating unwanted debt for yourself, but it will also ensure the game lasts longer as you won’t use up all of your account in one go.

The best way to play is to set a limit before you beginning spinning the reels, and stick to it – even if you think you can win back any losses by making another deposit because if you don’t you’ve lost even more. If you know how long you plan to play for then you can figure out how much to wager per spin by dividing your bank roll by the number of spins in that set period of time.

If you don’t know how long you want to play for, plan your budget in terms of money you can afford to lose, even though that’s not why we play, as it will overall create a more enjoyable experience. For example, if you go in thinking you need to win with your $100 limit, and lose, your experience is hindered. If you play with the attitude you can afford to lose that $100 and win, it is overall a better time.

Additionally, a key aspect to an online bankroll is deciding what payment method to use when making a deposit. If you are more likely to overspend in terms of a bankroll, try to avoid using a credit card as your linked payment method to your online casino account as it can be all too easy to just top up your account. The best option is a pre-paid service if you really want to stick to your set limit.

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