Are men or women more likely to gamble?

You may notice it is the men which seem to be risking large amounts on the tables when visiting land-based casinos, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are more inclined to gamble over women. Many studies have set out to explore the gender gap in gambling over the years. Results from studies, research and other avenues have shown both males and females are equally likely to gamble, but with distinct preferences; men are more likely to opt for skill-based games, such as 21, and risk higher stakes, while women tend to risk less but play for longer on luck-based games, such as the pokies.

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However, the anonymity of the Internet can implicate these findings and the latest research suggest more women are increasingly gambling online. This in turn sees a shift in the way people gamble when they visit land-based venues.

We take a look at the difference and whether or not this ultimately affects which gender is more inclined to gamble.

Stigmas attached to gender gambling

There are many stigmas attached to both genders when it comes to gambling. Men often are seen as high risk takers – put down to testosterone – and wouldn’t dare be seen on the pokies. On the other hand, women have been seen in the past as too incompetent to play table games, and the skill-based games should be left to the men – so the pokies are their game of choice.

These stigmas have prevented women engaging in blackjack and poker, while men are likely to steer clear of pokies in public. This has in turn impacted the studies performed on gambling and gender, which state men have been considered to be more likely to gamble than women.

With the emergence of the Internet, and online casinos, these stigmas are being challenged and newer data suggests both women and men are gambling on their game of choice, whether it be luck-based or skill-based.

Men and women gambling studies

A number of studies have been done over the years but a 2014 Victorian study, called A Comparative Study of Men and Women Gamblers in Victoria, sums up the overall findings in past studies, as follows:

  • Men were found to spend more money, more frequently, on skill-based games
  • Women were found to spend less and were less likely to gamble on skill-based games
  • Women were more inclined to gamble on pokies, lotteries and raffles
  • Men gamble to be social, while women gamble to escape or relieve boredom
  • Younger men and women are more inclined to play table games than older men and women
  • Older women were more likely to gamble on the pokies than younger women

What we can take from this study is males have been more inclined to bet on skill-based games, which are games such as blackjack, poker, and other card games, while women have been more inclined to bet on the pokies. Additionally men were more likely to spend more, while women were more likely to spend money over time, with less risks associated.

However, this study has been based on land-based gamblers and interestingly it also mentioned younger men and women are increasingly beginning to wager on table games – proving online gambling has impacted the gender differences associated with gaming.

How the Internet has impacted men and women gambling

With the rise of internet casinos, and the anonymity they provide, more women have been able to engage in table games, such as blackjack and poker, without the intimidation land-based casinos see thanks to the stigmas attached and the high stakes players, which have been proven more likely to be male.

This also applies to males in they can engage in the pokies without the stigmas attached of only being for women.

This could also perhaps be the reason why younger women are increasingly engaging in table games at land-based venues – they have developed the confidence via online table titles and have therefore transferred this to brick and mortar casinos.

Additionally, as per the findings of land-based gambling, it seems the motivations behind gambling for men and women are quite different. It is said men do it to be social, while women do it to escape, but with the lack of social ambience online and the requisite of concentration for table games perhaps this will see a shift in the motivations behind gaming for both genders.

Gender shouldn’t stop you from trying your preferred casino game however, and provided you play responsibly – manage your bankroll and only gamble what you can afford to – you can engage in both skill-based and luck-based titles irrespective of whether you are male or female.

Where to play casino games online

If you do want to play online, regardless of your gender, we recommend sticking to verified online casinos so your personal and financial details aren’t compromised.

These include Microgaming only casinos, such as Jackpot City, Royal Vegas and Casino-Mate, as well as sites powered by multiple software developers (Net Entertainment, BetSoft, Microgaming, Quickspin and more) including G’day Casino and Guts Casino.

Overall, men and women have always both been likely to gamble however the Internet has allowed women to participate in skill-based games, and men in luck-based, meaning we will eventually see a change in the way males and females gamble at land-based venues too.

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