SkyCity Adelaide to undergo review of AML/CTF safeguards

SkyCity Adelaide casino news

SkyCity Adelaide has been directed by a specially appointed commissioner to take immediate action on concerns regarding the casino’s anti money laundering (AML) and counter terrorism financing (CTF) programs.

The commissioner, the Honourable Brian Martin AO KC, has mandated the appointment of an independent expert to oversee the revision of these programs and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

In a recent update, SkyCity Entertainment Group disclosed that the commissioner would personally approve the selection of the independent expert.

The appointed expert will be responsible for assessing SkyCity Adelaide’s AML/CTF programs, making any necessary adjustments, monitoring their implementation, and conducting a thorough evaluation of the casino’s harm minimization efforts. The findings and relevant information will be reported directly to the commissioner.

This decision to involve an independent expert stems from growing industry concerns surrounding AML and responsible gambling compliance. The appointment of Commissioner Martin to conduct a comprehensive review of SkyCity Adelaide’s operations was initiated by Consumer and Business Services in July 2022. 

Similar inquiries conducted in other states had revealed serious compliance failures in AML and responsible gambling by major operators such as Crown Resorts and Star Entertainment Group.

In response to these findings, Australia’s financial crime regulator, AUSTRAC, launched investigations into Crown, Star and SkyCity for potential breaches of AML laws. Civil penalty proceedings were subsequently instituted against all three operators in December 2022.

Although the review led by Commissioner Martin was temporarily halted in February 2023 pending the completion of AUSTRAC’s investigation, SkyCity reiterated its commitment to cooperating fully with Consumer and Business Services.

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