Why online casinos are great for female players

Gambling has always been viewed as an activity dominated by men, but the growth of the online gaming industry has seen a shift towards the fairer sex, with the number of female online players growing at a rapid rate.

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How more women are playing at online casinos

Leading market research company Technavio recently conducted a study which showed that female gamblers accounted for 40 per cent of online bettors in the US throughout 2015, while the statistic rose to 49 per cent in the UK.

The research indicated that these women were more likely to visit online casinos than land-based casinos, with the online alternative allowing them to gamble in private using their own devices.

Another benefit of online casinos for female players, according to the Technavio stats, were that these women could bet with confidence in their own homes by avoiding intimidation from male bettors. Also noted by Technavio was that the most popular age bracket for female casino players was below 35.

Interestingly, other studies have also indicated that women also enjoy gaming at online casinos which have chat rooms so that they can network with players all across the globe, as opposed to their male counterparts who­­ visit online casinos with just winning in mind.

How are online casinos catering to female players?

Female players at online casinos
Online gambling is no longer just a male domain.
Online casinos are starting to recognise the growing trend of women visiting their digital offerings by introducing games targeted specifically at women, while many have also altered their brand in order to attract a female audience.

While many old advertisements for online casinos were designed specifically for men, with images such as scantily-dressed women, the trend is now changing drastically. As such, many online casinos are now employing more appropriate advertisements which will appeal to a wider demographic of potential players. Additionally, online casinos have also begun changing how they are projected through their themes and colour schemes of the websites.

In the past, many of these websites would have appeared very masculine, but now they are beginning to embrace the market shift and are working towards portraying a more gender-sensitive betting environment through the use of colours, layout and language.

Best online casino games for women

Studies have shown that while men tend to gamble because they find it exciting, women tend to bet as a distraction – they want to feel involved – with many fulfilling the interactions they desire through social media and online gambling sites. When it comes to the games women play, statistics indicate that women are attracted to games of luck rather than the skill based games popular amongst men.

For this reason, slots, bingo and scratch cards are the preferred choice for many ladies.

Pokies: Nothing beats the exhilarating rush you feel when spinning the reels on a pokie and landing a big win. With the online betting world booming, there are literally thousands of online slots machines available to play, with many offering large, lucrative jackpots and an enticing atmosphere. This enables players to get the experience of winning at a land-based casino anywhere, anytime, on their computer, mobile phone or tablet device. As for which slots attract women, statistically speaking females tend to play pokies which use bright colours – while of course the theme and jackpot aspects of each title also come into consideration.

Bingo: Bingo is another popular form of online casino entertainment for women and is supported by the majority of our recommended online casinos. While it is not as big as online pokies, there are still a variety of titles to choose from such as Super Bingo Bonus, Samba Bingo, Pharaoh Bingo and Electro Bingo.

Scratch cards: These are the online alternatives to the scratchies you can buy down at your local newsagent, giving you the convenience of being able to play anywhere, anytime. They are fun and addictive, with a wide range of titles to suit anyone’s interests such as Pharoah’s Gems, Lucky Numbers, Foamy Fortunes and Plunder the Sea.

Best online casinos for women

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