How to play keno online

Keno is a lottery style game that has been responsible for making several instant millionaires in Australia. The biggest keno win taken by an Aussie was back in 1995 when one lucky resident of North Ryde in Sydney claimed a whopping $7.6 million. With the addition of virtual keno at many leading online casinos, Aussies can now try their luck at keno from the comfort of home with the chance to win real money in AUD.

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What is keno?

Keno is a game commonly found in pubs, RSL’s and licensed lottery venues all around Australia, and has recently become popular at gambling websites. Keno has origins in China and is a luck based game requiring little player skill or strategy. The results of each game are entirely reliant on random number generators (RNGs) which can’t be influenced by external factors, leaving wins in the hands of fate.

While the odds of landing a big win in keno are incredibly low (similar to your chances of winning a state lottery), when players do manage to strike it lucky wins tend to be monumental. It’s the anticipation of these colossal rewards that keeps so many hopeful punters coming back to keno for that life changing win.

How to play keno

Keno is an incredibly easy game to pick up, making it suitable for beginners as well as seasoned gamblers. It’s played on a board of 80 numbers listed in order from one to 80, with each number referred to as a ‘spot.’ Players select anywhere between one to 20 spots, placing bets that these numbers will be called as part of the winning draw. Limitations on how many numbers players are allowed to bet on vary from venue to venue.

Once all bets are placed, 20 numbers are then drawn entirely at random, either using RNGs if playing online or with a live draw of corresponding numbered balls if played offline. The 20 winning numbers are announced, with punters claiming money for every match they have. The pay scales vary between games, with how much you win depending on how many bets you placed and how many matching numbers you predicted.

The rules are generally the same whether you’re playing keno online or in a land based venue in Australia, the main difference in game play being the way you select your numbers. Playing video keno at an Internet casino requires players to simply click to select the numbers they wish to bet on, while playing in land based venues requires a card to be filled out.

Where to play keno in Australia

Punters have numerous choices when playing live keno in Australia. The older gambling crowd may be most familiar with pub keno, which remains popular with an older generation who aren’t as savvy with technological advances. Keno is available in many pubs, clubs and TAB venues around Australia, where players can enjoy a pint of beer while marking their chosen numbers on a keno ticket. When playing this live keno, the instructions detailing how to play and how to choose your numbers are usually listed on the keno ticket itself.

Another option for playing live keno is to head to your local lottery venue, typically within a kiosk at your local news agency. You can buy tickets directly over the counter, with the choice to select your numbers yourself or have them automatically selected for you.

The downside to playing live keno is that while it’s easy enough, you’re still required to venture to the venue, pay the cashier, mark your numbers and have your ticket scanned. You then have to either wait for the results to come up on a video screen or if you don’t have time to stick around, you must return to the venue to check if you’ve won anything. This is where online keno provides a great alternative, with games available at your own pace. When playing online you also have the choice of playing the same numbers multiple times if you desire.

If you’re an Aussie punter choosing to play keno online, we recommend Royal Vegas Casino, Guts Casino or G’day Casino. These leading venues are both fully licensed and highly reputable, using the latest in computer security to ensure a player experience of the highest quality.

All three casinos accept money in AUD using a range of secure deposit methods including credit card, debit card, bank transfer, web wallets, prepaid cards and POLi. New players can also take advantage of huge welcome bonuses to boost their bankrolls when playing for the first time.

Variations of online keno

When choosing to play keno on the Internet, players have a few different choices including:

Electronic keno – the most common version of keno you’ll find online, with winning numbers determined at random. Games are played at your own pace and don’t run on any specific schedule, just log in, place your bet and get clicking.

Mobile keno – electronic keno that has been formatted for mobile play on smartphones and tablets, allowing you to play on the go from anywhere you can get an Internet, 3G or 4G connection.

Live dealer keno – the idea combination of pub style keno with online keno, live dealer keno is hosted by a real human croupier and streamed in real time direct to your computer using a high-def video feed. Just like electronic online keno, you select your numbers by clicking on your chosen numbers, the difference is you then wait for the draw to take place and watch in real life as the dealer draws the 20 balls and announces the winning numbers.

Best online casinos to play real money keno

As mentioned above, we love Royal Vegas Casino, Guts Casino and G’day Casino for our keno fix, but most online casinos recommended here at offer a version of keno. Playing at any of these trusted sites ensure you receive the best and most secure online gambling experience, with plenty of other games available including pokies, blackjack, roulette, lotto, baccarat, craps, poker, video poker, scratchies and mini/arcade style games.

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