Aussie poker star Dominic Coombe wins big at Wynn Summer Classic

Wynn Vegas Casino Las Vegas

A record breaking field played in the 2018 Wynn Summer Classic $1,100 NLHE which ended on Tuesday.

Aussie star Dominic Coombe and Hong Kong’s Kwun Li reached the final heads-up battle and agreed to chop the pot.

Li won the title and the first prize of $280,954. Previously, Li had in 2017, placed third in the Pokerstars Championship Macau KH$5,500 NLHE tournament at the PokerStars Asia Open.

Li has in general won almost $500,000 in live action and over $100,000 in online play at PokerStars.

Coombe, on the other hand, placed second winning $266,639 of the prize money. This happens to be his biggest live cash win ever. He has won $3.4 million in online action which puts him firmly in the bracket of players to watch.

In all, 482 players hit the felt on Day 1a of the Summer Classic $1,100 NLHE and that increased to 951 on Day 1B.

Day 1C saw 994 players participating. This made a total of 2, 427 players, pushing the prize pool from $1 million to $2,401,274, setting a new record in Wynn poker history.

Aside from the top prizes, the first 251 players were awarded a minimum of $2,401. Among them are notable players like Brett Bader, who won $28,551 for placing 10th, Jason Wheeler winning $15,989 (18th position) and Luke Vrabel who placed 51st and won $8,422.

On the final table of the well-known poker tournament were four players from the United States and one each from Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Bulgaria. The third-placed Belgian Thomas Boivin won $149,961, while Bulgarian Ivan Zhechev, placed fourth with $106,810.

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